Monday, February 1, 2010

How to Make 40 New Friends In One Night

I did something a little out of the ordinary and quite brave this weekend. I went to While you may not consider this particularly daring, as most people at some point attend a party or two. This was not your typical party. I knew no one there, host included. The party was thrown by host Saya of Mac N Cheese Productions. She regularly throws parties where none know each other on purpose.

The whole idea started several years ago. She was known for her popular dinner parties where she carefully crafted the guest list to include a variety of people who did not know each other but who she thought should. Though she enjoyed these frequent parties she was like the biblical Martha stuck in the kitchen tending to the food and such and missing out on all the socializing. Saya didn't want to be a Martha anymore so she came up with a novel idea. She would turn her dinner parites into minglers. Opening the festivities up to all. Instead of Saya providing a sit down dinner she would ask the guests to bring appetizers and throw a cocktail party.

To try your own mingler go the Mac N Cheese website and sign up to receive event updates, when an event becomes available she will send out an message. First you reply to her letting her know you would like to attend. She makes sure that there is a nice mix of gender and ages. So she may have a spot available for a female but not a male depending on how many participants she already has. After she confirms there is a space available for you, you pay a $15.00 fee through paypal. Then she will email the address details.

I would recommend the experiecne to all. It is a very well planned out event. Saya uses icebreakers (but not the cheesy horrible ones) to make sure that everyone gets a chance to meet everyone. But she also leaves plenty of time to interact with everyone on your own.

I wouldn't exactly use it as a dating service, though Saya syas that people have found dates from it. I think it is best to think of it as a way to expand your social network, I definitely met two or three people I would be interested in seeing again.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Shalina! It was wonderful to have you over on Saturday. Our blogs (and interests and pet peeves) are eerily similar, I love it. Enjoy your writing style.